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We have solutions for Transportation, Banking, Insurance, and Public Emergency sectors, Governments, Businesses, and the general public. Solutions developed previously include FPA (for emergency services), Banikudi (for financial services), Locscast (business location services), and Tooleti (for insurance services).We also provide secure data collection capability for our clients.

About Our Company

Henson Geodata Technologies Ltd

Henson Geodata Technologies Ltd (HGT) is a privately registered Limited liability company in Ghana. HGT is a GIS (Geographic Information Service) company developing location – based software. The company has built an maintains its our own map of Africa, silapha. The company has been involved in extensive Research and Development. HGT web and mobile services harness the growing use of smart phones in Africa. Our partners access their services through secure web console. Based in Accra, the company builds solutions through the following business units: Data and Analysis, Software Solutions.

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Our Mission

To be Africa’s leading and most innovative location-based technology company

Our Vision

To design, obtain consensus for and manage a common foundation for Africa’s spatial development and assist systemic planning and economic transformation with the use of GIS tools.

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