Reflections on Farm Management Modernisation 63 years after Ghana Independence

Happy 63rd Independence Day. A great day to reflect on the way forward. How do we carry the improvements made to greater heights?
How do we internalise knowledge across board? How do we professionals all sectors of the economy. And 2020 how do we improve on technological application across board?
We have financial sector fully digitised. Drivers license digitised moving ahead; port digitisation on stream, and a lot more.
Agriculture digitisation (not mechanisation) is lagging being. Consistently drawing from primary agricultural data is hampered. And passing of knowledge from the experts to the farmers is still a challenge.

The farmer cannot read, the farmer has no time for big big English, they say. Millions invested in farmer training but it is all in silos. Time for a concentrated effort at an integrated solution. Commercial farmers are using excel and other tools to professionalise farming. Small farmers are the largest community in our society.

Time for all farmers to be empowered and trained in integrated management and digitisation. The same farmer uses mobile money but has no digitized tools for the farm.

Time to use myagro360 to digitise farming and integrally:
1. Map farms and plots
2. Record all activities on farms and plots
3. Directly and from the farm or the comfort of the homes learn about integrated pest management (IPM) and good agronomic practices (GAP);
4. Directly interact with colleague farmers, FBOs, Experts and other value chain actors all in Africa or in their communities
5. Solve post harvest losses through improved warehousing and additional distribution channels,
6 many more

Henson Geodata Technologies, in partnership with key institutions including agricultural and pesticide regulators in Ghana has applied the concepts addressed here and initiated a 7 month pilot in 2 regions and different ecological zones to help primary digitisation.

Myagro360 empowers the farmer to manage his/farm. With the farmer at the centre our national development will be ground up. Policies will be formulated learning from what the farmer is doing and such age old adages as the farmer cannot read will be a thing of the past.

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